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The Revue Internationale du Droit d'Auteur is a quarterly review devoted to copyright law in France and around the world. The Revue is published by ASSOCIATION FRANCAISE POUR LA DIFFUSION DU DROIT D'AUTEUR NATIONAL ET INTERNATIONAL (AFDA-RIDA), governed by the law of July 1st, 1901.

Since October 1953, when the very first issue of RIDA was published, this review has been a rich source of information dealing specifically with this constantly changing area of law. It thus keeps readers abreast of the conclusion of new international agreements and developments concerning existing ones, the ever-growing number of national legislative amendments, significant legal decisions, the evolution of ideas through numerous feature articles and the various meetings organised around the world, particularly under the umbrella of international governmental or non-governmental organisations.

The review focuses primarily on authors' rights. However, it also contains analyses and information on neighbouring rights, that is to say the related rights of performers, producers of sound and audio-visual recordings and broadcasting organisations, as well as dealing with personal rights and in particular the right of privacy and the right of personal portrayal.

RIDA is intended for a very wide readership of jurists primarily and authors’ societies (AdagpSacdSacemScam). It is of interest to academics and researchers, attorneys and other legal practitioners, whether they are working on a regular basis in this area or are confronted with copyright issues only exceptionally. Everyone will find in it thought-provoking analyses as well as the information that it is important to know.

Each issue, totalling about 350 pages, is a book in its own right devoted to copyright law, with contributions from the world’s leading specialists in authors’ rights.