In honor of the 60th anniversary of the French 1957 IP Law

Friday, the 6th of april, at SACEM

Sixty years ago France’s major IP law came into effect. At the time the Revue Internationale du Droit d’Auteur welcomed the law with a special issue.
Over half a century later, which evolutions has the law known?
What is the normative framework today for Authors’ rights?

Prominent law professors will adress these issues, with special references to articles of the 1958 RIDA.

This symposium is organised at the initiative of Alexandra Bensamoun, Private law Professor at Rennes 1 University, with the support of Sacem Université, Université Paris Sud-Paris Saclay (CERDI – Centre d’études et de recherche en droit de l’immatériel), AFPIDA and the RIDA

With the participation of:

  • Tristan AZZI
  • Valérie-Laure BENABOU
  • Alexandra BENSAMOUN
  • Christophe CARON
  • Pierre-Yves GAUTIER
  • André LUCAS
  • Pierre SIRINELLI
  • Célia ZOLYNSKI

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