The Revue Internationale du Droit d’Auteur

RIDA is intended for a very wide readership of jurists primarily and authors’ societies (ADAGP, SACD, Sacem, SCAM, SESAM). It is of interest to academics and researchers, attorneys and other legal practitioners, whether they are working on a regular basis in this area or are confronted with copyright issues only exceptionally. Everyone will find in it thought-provoking analyses as well as the information that it is important to know.

Each issue, totalling about 350 pages (and published in January, April, July and October of each year), is in fact a book in its own right devoted to copyright law, with contributions from the world’s leading specialists in authors’ rights. It contains the following sections:

  • Doctrine

    Feature articles are devoted to the main issues raised by copyright world-wide.
  • News from abroad

    One of RIDA’s correspondents presents and comments on legislative and case law developments in his or her country or region.
  • Case Law

    A review of case law, discussing recent legal decisions in France and abroad, precedes the full texts of ten or so decisions, some of which are sometimes commented on by a professor, a lawyer or other specialists.
  • Information

    Notably on accessions to international conventions and international meetings dealing with copyright (UNESCO , WIPO , ALAI , CISAC, etc.).
  • Bibliography

    The books dealing with authors’ rights or related rights that the editorial office receives are brought to the attention of readers.

An edition in three languages
The articles of DOCTRINE and NEWS FROM ABROAD are published in English, French and Spanish, thus making them accessible to a large number of non-French-speaking readers. Since the July 1994 issue, part of the case law has also been published in these three languages.

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